Because Reading Is Fundamental


I was lucky to have gotten this much reading in, what with the holiday travel and all.

  • Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, “The Young Wife’s Tale”
  • J.G. Ballard, “Deep End”
  • Ryan Boudinot, “Drugs and Toys”
  • Ryan Boudinot, “Contaminant”
  • Kelly Link, “Lull”
  • J.G. Ballard, “The Overloaded Man”


  • Ryan Boudinot, the remainder of his collection The Littlest Hitler
  • M. Rickert, “Don’t Ask”
  • Stuart Dybek, “Farwell”
  • S.L. Gilbow, “Who Brought Tulips to the Moon?”
  • J.G. Ballard, “Billennium”
  • Stuart Dybek, “Chopin in Winter”

I think I made some decent headway with things I’ve purchased over the Thanksgiving holiday, used and new. The stories from Gilbow and Rickert are from the December ’07 issue of F&SF–I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll buy just about anything with M. Rickert’s name on it, including whatever collection “Don’t Ask” might end up in. Sort of like I keep downloading buying all those greatest hits compilations that the band Chicago keeps putting out.