Where’s My War Face?

A couple of folks in the crit group have tried to tell me about the need to let a story cool sometimes. I’m almost afraid to allow that. I’ve gotten to a point where my first drafts are coming at the sort of clip I’d like, thanks to my Inner Drill Sergeant. The truth is I’m frustrated that my editing hasn’t reached that point yet. I’ve got two pieces on the burner right now. I know I have all the parts I need; I just need to make them fit better. And I wanted it done yesterday!

“I will motivate you!”

I might as well give them a rest though–a little one–while I try to unfuck myself, lest my Inner Drill Sergeant unscrews my head and shits down my neck. I’ve been hitting my head against brick walls anyway, so why not? I didn’t go idle today, though. I shot a piece off to 6S, so we’ll see what happens with that.