Good Reads

I know it looks like I just buried my nose in a book the whole weekend. In fact, I took my Saturday and went to the local comic show where I got to hang for a few minutes with an editor from VERTIGO comics. I’ll talk about that next time, maybe.

  • Italo Calvino, “Good for Nothing”
  • Karen Jordan Allen, “Alternate Anxieties”
  • Amy Hempel, “Pool Night”
  • Rachel Pollack, “Burning Beard: The Dreams and Visions of Jacob ben Joseph, Lord Viceroy of Egypt”
  • Barry Hannah, “Water Liars”
  • Barry Hannah, “Love Too Long”
  • Barry Hannah, “Coming Close to Donna”
  • Mary Robison, “I Am Twenty-One”
  • Barry Hannah, “Quo Vadis, Smut?”
    (Comments on it, here)