Tough Love

I went to Sunday’s crit group session ready to read, but only if I couldn’t avoid it. It turns out that I did manage to avoid it, which was just as well. Basically, I finished up “version 0.9” of “Masked,” but the only part that was presentable was the ending, which I didn’t want to give away.

And I finished up solely with the help of my AlphaSmart. Yes, I’ve handed over cash, so this thing is officially mine. And, worth every penny! Each and every day, I’ve generated a minimum of 500 words per session–the pulling teeth, “I really don’t feel like doing this shit,” taking my muse by the neck and wringing it like a wet towel minimum. The average has really been more along the lines of 750 words of draft and edits, not just on “Masked,” but on other projects as well, including a Raketenwerfer piece I should really get to finishing.

And since I also scored a copy of the Get It utility, I crammed the portions I needed to edit back into the AS3K, and now “Masked” is done! In the can, as they say. I printed out a clean, new copy and let it cool for a day. I’m not even going to read it.

The next project is on the sidebar. But, like I said, I’m taking a little break to get back to some reading, and maybe a bit of blogging.

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